FanPlus Terms of Service


A. Policy on photos

1. Uploading contents

¡®Member¡¯ uploads his/her own or someone else¡¯s creation through ¡®FanPlus¡¯, and is to allow ¡®FanPlus¡¯ to provide them as the ¡®service¡¯. In case the ¡®user contents¡¯ are the member¡¯s own creation, the ¡®member¡¯ shall justly hold the rights of the contents posted as the owner of copyrights and be responsible for it in person. If the ¡®user contents¡¯ are the creations of someone else¡¯s, the ¡®member¡¯ shall upload them to ¡¯FanPlus¡¯ with the source information notified, by acquiring the righteous rights from the original author with regard to their posting, and being ¡®served¡¯ through collecting them.

In this case, all the rights of the contents will justly belong to the original author. The ¡®member¡¯ confirms that he understands the service properties of ¡®FanPlus¡¯ as well as the responsibilities and rights occurring in use and authorizes its use, and also owns or secures the necessary license, rights, consent and permission, etc.


2. Deleting contents

Regarding the ¡®user contents¡¯, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ reserves the rights to take actions such as to withdraw or remove them from the ¡®service¡¯ without prior notice once they are confirmed to be in breach of laws and regulations including the someone else¡¯s intellectual property rights and to infringe the rights of third parties etc.


3. Limitations of rights

FanPlus may change, terminate, or restrict access to any aspect of the Services, at any time, without notice. We can remove any content you post or submit for any reason. FanPlus may access, read, preserve, and disclose any information as we reasonably believe is necessary to


4. Disclaimers of rights

If you believe that your copyrights have been violated, please report it to us immediately by sending us an email.

Please provide the following information to our customer service:

  1. Your full legal name
  2. Your home or mailing address
  3. Your telephone number
  4. If applicable, your email address
  5. If your original work is located on FanPlus, your FanPlus username
  6. A description of the alleged infringement (Where it is located, what is being copied, etc.).
  7. The URL(s) or pages of allegedly infringing material located on FanPlus
  8. Both the following statements:
  9. Both the following statements:
     "I hereby state that I have a good faith belief that the disputed use of the copyrighted material or reference or link to such material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law (e.g., as a fair use)."
     "I hereby state that the information in this Notice is accurate and, under penalty of perjury, that I am the owner, or authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyright or of an exclusive right under the copyright that is allegedly infringed."
  10. Your electronic or physical signature.

This notice can be sent via email, with all items completed, to FanPlus customer service at [email protected]. Requests will typically be responded to within seven business days.


5. Deleting accounts and contents

We can remove any content or information you share on the Service if we believe that it violates these Terms of Use, our policies or we are required to do so by law. We can refuse to provide or stop providing all or part of the Service to you (including terminating or disabling your account) immediately to protect our community or services, or if you create risk or legal exposure for us, violate these Terms of Use or our policies if you repeatedly infringe other people's intellectual property rights, or where we are permitted or required to do so by law. If we take action to disable or terminate your account, we will notify you where appropriate. If you believe your account has been terminated in error, or you want to disable or permanently delete your account, you can send an email [email protected] within 24hours for an objection of account termination.


B. Policy on contents

For delightful use of FanPlus app service, we limit accounts that post or share following contents (including photos, board posts, and fanfic).


1. Definition of inappropriate contents

For all uploaded contents (including photos, posts, and fanfic) and comments within the service, the following contents are defined as inappropriate contents regarding the Internet Content Rating Service of the Korea Communications Standards Commission.


1) Board posts or comments including insults to specific people, groups, religions or races


2) Posts/comments that promote violence, delinquency or speculation


3) Obscene, sexually violent posts/comments


4) Posts/comments that include Illegal distribution or copyright violation


 5) Commercial posts/comments


 6) Spamming content


 7) Personal information exposure


8) Posts/comments that may cause cyber defamation



9) Harassment and cyberbullying


10) Posts/comments that violate public morals and cause discomfort to others


11) Posts/comments that interfere with other user's service use or activities


12) Posts/comments that show intent to manipulate, using illegal computer program or services


13) Contents which are not from FanPlus team, but from impersonating accounts


14) Prohibited activities in the service

All contents that violate Google Play Store and App Store policies are subject to regulation.


2. Submitting a complaint

1) Users can report contents which are against FanPlus policy by clicking ¡°Report¡± button on FanPlus app.

2) Repeated unverified complaints from the same source may be subject to summary rejection.


3. Treatment and investigation of complaints

In general, the Policy & Abuse team will only communicate with the subject of a complaint if there appears to be a violation of site policy, or if personnel need more information to resolve the issue.

The Policy & Abuse team records the user information from which each complaint is submitted, to prevent misuse of the system and/or Service.

1) If the same post is repeatedly reported, the post will be blinded, and if it does not meet the operation policy, it may be deleted without prior notice.

2) In the case of user accounts that accumulate the number of penalties, use may be restricted in stages, such as warning, temporary suspension, permanent suspension, etc., depending on the number of accumulations. However, if the violation is severe, such as writing illegal or inappropriate posts, the account may be suspended or permanently deactivated regardless of the number of reports or the cumulative number of penalties.

3) Posts/comments impersonating FanPlus team will be removed without prior notice. In some cases, the account with the post/comment may be restricted from using the service.

Even matters that do not specifically correspond to inappropriate posts/comments may be subject to restriction or penalty if they adversely cause discomfort to other users.


4. Definition and treatment of false reports

1) If you report someone else's post without any relevant reason, or if you report the same post (including photos) repeatedly, it will be considered as an abusive report.

2) If your report is considered an abusive report, you may be restricted from using the service. If the violation is severe, the use of the service will be permanently suspended.


C. Operation policy on accounts

An account is a member identification unit for managing service usage history of FanPlus users. If there is a history of logging in with a FanPlus account, in principle, the user is considered to have logged in, and activities using FanPlus service while logged in are also considered to be the user¡¯s service use.

Users can create their own profile by logging in to FanPlus and adding and editing profile information in their accounts. At the time, the user using the FanPlus service is deemed to have acknowledged and agreed in advance that the account profile information may be exposed to other users.

For delightful use of FanPlus app service, we limit or block accounts which violate FanPlus account policy.


1. Definition of misbehaving accounts

In order to provide a moderate service environment, content that is not suitable for exposure to the ¡®FanPlus¡¯ service among ¡®user profile information¡¯ will be restricted. In the case of a user who interferes with the use of the service by other users, or interferes with the service operation, the use of the service may be restricted.

- You must not attempt to include in ¡®User Profile Information¡¯ any of the following types of content:

1) Inappropriate profile image, nickname or self-introduction, containing:


2) Promotions for illegal websites or commercial purposes, containing:


3) impersonating service provider/employees, specifically:


- If you attempt any of the following activities, you may be immediately restricted from using the service or your account may be suspended, depending on the severity of the violation.


1) Interference with the use of the service and acts of malicious use


2) Interfering with service operation


3) Acts of using the service in abnormal ways

2. Report an misbehaving account

1) If an account is determined that it violates FanPlus policy, users can report it directly by clicking ¡®Report¡¯ button and selecting the reason for the report.

2) Reporters may be subject to penalties if they report for an unreasonable reason or report the same account multiple times..


3. Treatment and penalty of an misbehaving account

1) Once an account report is received, the administrator may review it and, if policy violations are identified, may take action to restrict service use or block or delete the account.

2) In the case of user accounts that accumulate the number of penalties, use may be restricted in stages, such as warning, temporary suspension, permanent suspension, etc., depending on the number of accumulations. However, if the violation is severe, such as writing illegal or inappropriate posts, the account may be suspended or permanently deactivated regardless of the number of reports or the cumulative number of penalties.

3) Even accounts that do not specifically correspond to the details of a misbehaving account may be subject to restriction or penalty if they adversely cause discomfort to other users.


 4. Definition and treatment of a false report

1) If you report someone else's account without any relevant reason, or if you report the same account repeatedly, it will be considered as an abusive report.

2) If your report is considered an abusive report, you may be restricted from using the service. If the violation is severe, the use of the service will be permanently suspended.


D. Terms of service

1. Objective

Welcome to FanPlus, which is owned and operated by FanPlus. (¡°FanPlus¡± ¡°we¡± or ¡°us¡±). These terms of service (which includes our Code of Conduct and our Privacy Policy) (¡°Terms of Service¡±) are a contract between you and FanPlus. By using FanPlus (the ¡°app¡±), creating your FanPlus account and using our mobile applications, you¡¯re agreeing to these Terms of Service. If you don¡¯t agree to any of these terms, you can¡¯t use FanPlus.


2. The definitions used in the terms are as follows;

¡®Service¡¯ means ¡®FanPlus¡¯ and the other relevant ¡®services¡¯ which a ¡®member¡¯ can use regardless of the devices (including a variety of wired/wireless equipment such as PC, TV, tablets, mobile devices). ¡®Member¡¯ means the customers who access to the ¡®service¡¯ of ¡®FanPlus¡¯, and agree the contract for use with the ¡®FanPlus¡¯ in accordance with the terms, and use the ¡®service¡¯ provided by ¡®FanPlus¡¯. ¡®Post¡¯ means the celebrity photos, any texts including posts and comments etc that a ¡®member¡¯ posts on ¡®service¡¯ while he/she is using ¡®service¡¯.

'FanPlus' services include the mobile application based ¡®FanPlus¡¯ service developed and operated by ¡®FanPlus¡¯.


3. Effect and modification of terms and conditions

The terms are to be posted for ¡®members¡¯ to easily notice and supposed to be amended followed by the prior-notice of them.

The contents of terms are to be posted on ¡®service¡¯ or linked screen by ¡®FanPlus¡¯ in order for ¡®members¡¯ to easily notice. And within the scope not in breach of the relevant laws and regulations, these terms may be amended by ¡®FanPlus¡¯. In case ¡®FanPlus¡¯ amends these terms, the reasons and the applied date will be clearly posted and it starts posting them on the ¡®service¡¯ along with the current terms from 30 days prior to the applied date of such amended terms. However, the unfavorable terms to ¡®members¡¯ will be posted in the ¡®service¡¯ for a certain period of time and separately through the electronic methods such as the confirmation window on log-in. Although ¡®FanPlus¡¯ notices the ¡®members¡¯ that the terms are amended and unless the ¡®members¡¯ express their declaration of denial intention in written within 30 days period of time, it is regarded as their acceptance intention has been expressed, it will be considered the ¡®members¡¯ have agreed with the amendment of the terms if the ¡®members¡¯ don¡¯t express their declaration of denial intention explicitly. If ¡®members¡¯ do not agree with the application of the amended terms, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ may not apply the amended contents of the terms and in this case, the ¡®member¡¯ can terminate the contract of use. However, if there is any specific reason unavailable for the current terms, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ may be able to terminate the contract of use. Even if part of these terms is determined to be unenforceable, the remainder shall remain valid.

Terms and operational policy are based on the priority stated in order and mutually complementary.

¡®FanPlus¡¯ may prescribe separate terms of use as well as operational policy (hereinafter referred to as ¡®Operational policy, etc¡¯) for individual ¡®service¡¯. For the matters or interpretations that are not defined in these terms will be subject to the separate operational policy, relevant laws or commercial practices.


4. Signing up contract and use of a FanPlus account

In order to use ¡®FanPlus ¡®service¡¯ as a ¡®member¡¯, several steps will be taken.

The contract of use will be agreed in the process that a person who wants to be a ¡®member¡¯ (hereinafter referred to as ¡®the applicant¡¯) agrees with the contents of the terms and applies for the ¡®member¡¯, and ¡®FanPlus¡¯ approves such application. It is in principle that ¡®FanPlus¡¯ shall approve the use of ¡®service¡¯ for the applicant¡¯s application. ¡®Member¡¯ may freely use the ¡®FanPlus¡¯ service through the approval for use.


5. Termination of FanPlus account contract

¡®FanPlus¡¯ may be able to impose sanctions on the use such as the warning, temporary blackout, and permanent blackout, etc against the account of the ¡®member¡¯ at its sole discretion without prior notice at any time by the reasons of service interruptions such as the breach of service terms of ¡®member¡¯, frequent inappropriate contents upload attempts and removal of the exposed contents, and the infringement of the others etc. For more details of procedures and information, it will follow the blackout policy and individual ¡®service¡¯ operational policies.

¡®FanPlus¡¯ reserves the rights to take all the appropriate legal actions against the illegal or unauthorized use of the ¡®service¡¯.


6. Changes and termination of service

¡®FanPlus¡¯ will provide the ¡®FanPlus¡¯ service for decorating the wallpaper of the mobile device and the overall ¡®services¡¯ of additional developments by ¡®FanPlus¡¯ or others obtained through the joint contracts with ¡®FanPlus¡¯ etc. If there are the maintenance or inspection of the communication equipment like computers etc, replacement and malfunction, communication interruption or significant operational reasons, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ may be able to suspend the supply of ¡®services¡¯ temporarily. In this case, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ is supposed to notify to the ¡®members¡¯ by the designated notification methods. However, if there is an inevitable reason that ¡®FanPlus¡¯ fails in notifying in advance, it can be made afterward. In addition, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ can perform the periodic inspections if necessary for the supply of ¡®services¡¯, and the periodic inspection time is subject to a notification posted on the ¡®service¡¯ screen.


¡®Services' may change sometimes.

If there are any significant reasons, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ may change a whole or a part of ¡®services¡¯ provided in accordance with the operational, technical needs. If there are changes on the content of ¡®services¡¯, methods of use, and time to use, the reasons of change and the content and the supplying date etc of ¡®services¡¯ to be changed will be posted on the bulletin screen in the concerned ¡®services¡¯ in the manner that ¡®members¡¯ may fully acknowledge prior to such changes. ¡®FanPlus¡¯ may correct, suspend, change part or total of ¡®services¡¯ being provided free of charge in the needs of policies and operations of ¡®FanPlus¡¯, and will not compensate for it separately to ¡®members¡¯ unless otherwise there is any specific regulation for it.


A wealth of information can be provided.

¡®FanPlus¡¯ may provide the ¡®members¡¯ a variety of data recognized necessary in the use of ¡®services¡¯ in the forms of the bulletin or the notice in the ¡®service¡¯, push notification etc, and the ¡®member¡¯ can reject the receipt of them except the information related to the transactions in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the answers to the inquiries requested by themselves etc at any time. However, if the advertising information for the commercial purpose is attempted to be transferred to the ¡®member¡¯ through the electronic transmission media, it should be transferred with the prior consent with the ¡®member¡¯ separately. The ¡®member¡¯ shall not take any actions to modify, correct, and limit the posts or the other information related to ¡®services¡¯ provided by ¡®FanPlus¡¯.


7. Cash and voting tickets accumulation

User can accumulate cash and voting tickets (hereinafter referred to as ¡°VT¡±) when User see and make actions required from Advertiser that is shown via device. Advertisement can target User with specific profile.

User can check the cash and VT accumulated in ¡°cash and VT status¡±.

In case that there is discrepancy in the amount of cash and VT between server and application client, amount in Server is deemed as right amount and Company shall not compensate the difference of amount due to sync error.

User cannot transfer cash and VT to other User unless it is approved by Company with legitimate process.


8. Use of cash

Users can spend cash that they accumulated on buying voting tickets.


9. Change, cancellation or expiration of cash and voting tickets

  1. In case that there occurs error in cash and voting tickets (hereinafter referred to as ¡°VT¡±) accumulation, User shall request change within 90 days from the day when error occurs, and Company shall accept or reject request within 90 days from User request.
  2. Company plays a role to operate and manage cash and VT that Advertiser provides to Company. Therefore, cash and VT accumulation can be cancelled when there is problem in transaction between Company and Advertiser and all the responsibility from this problem rests on Advertiser.
  3. Cash has an expiry date after 1 year of obtaining and VT has an expiry date after obtaining depending of channels of VT received.


10. Duty of FanPlus

We are trying to do our best to protect the privacy of ¡®members¡¯.


¡®FanPlus¡¯ will not collect any personal information without any prior notice and separate permissions from the ¡®member¡¯. You can check the detail ways for protecting privacy of ¡®members¡¯ at ¡®Privacy policy¡¯.


We are making our efforts to deliver the notice well.


When ¡®FanPlus¡¯ notices a ¡®member¡¯, unless the otherwise provided in these terms, it may be processed by the notice in the ¡®service¡¯ or in the other way that ¡®FanPlus¡¯ considers appropriate. In case ¡®FanPlus¡¯ notices the entire ¡®members¡¯, it can substitute such notice by posting it on the initial window of the ¡¯service¡¯ or through the bulletin more than 7 days.


Opinions of ¡®members' are also actively accepted.


¡®FanPlus¡¯ will not perform any activities that the relevant laws, regulations and these terms prohibit or that violate any public order and standards of decency, and it strives to do its best to provide the constant and stable ¡®service¡¯. In addition, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ seeks for being equipped with the safety system to protect the privacy (including the credit information) in order for ¡®members¡¯ to safely use the ¡®service¡¯ and it posts and complies with the privacy policies. ¡®FanPlus¡¯ tries to deal with the opinions or complaints when they are considered reasonable. Regarding the opinions or complaints claimed by ¡®members¡¯, the handling process and result will be delivered to the ¡®members¡¯ via using the E-mail or through the other methods considered appropriate by ¡®FanPlus¡¯.


11. Duty of users

With regard to the use of ¡®service¡¯, a few precautions are required.


The user of ¡®service¡¯ is prohibited from the actions to use the ¡®service¡¯ for the commercial purpose without the alteration of the posted information in the ¡®service¡¯ or without permission of ¡®FanPlus¡¯ in ¡®FanPlus¡¯ to ensure the justified utilization of the ¡®service¡¯, and also from the actions to cause the infringement of intellectual property rights(like copyrights), reputation damages, and business interruptions, such as the impersonation of ¡®FanPlus¡¯ or the third party, or identity theft, etc. ¡®Member¡¯ shall comply with the precautions noticed in relation to the relevant laws and regulations, the provisions of these terms, the introduction for use as well as the ¡®service¡¯-related matters informed by ¡®P FanPlus¡¯, and should not take actions to interfere with the other business activities of ¡®FanPlus¡¯.


12. Reverting and limitation of copyrights

FanPlus¡¯ may provide the functionalities for the ¡®member¡¯ to create, post, and share the ¡®posts¡¯ such as wallpapers in the ¡®service¡¯. Thus, all the ¡®posts¡¯ in the ¡®services¡¯ posted by ¡®member¡¯ will be attributed to the ¡®member¡¯ in its rights and responsibilities, and if there occurs the breach of laws, the infringement of the third party's rights and appeals etc as well as there is the request of the owner of such rights, ¡® FanPlus¡¯ may immediately notify it to the ¡®member¡¯ and change the status of the concerned ¡®post¡¯ as the unexposed status and take actions in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. In this case, the ¡®member¡¯ may appeal the right of the concerned ¡®post¡¯ and request the re-posting. More detailed procedures will be introduced in the individual service operation policy.


The copyright and intellectual property right for ¡®services¡¯ will be attributed to ¡®FanPlus¡¯ and in this case the posts of the ¡®members¡¯ and works provided under partnership contracts will be exempted. All copyright and other intellectual property right, trademarks, ¡®service¡¯ mark, logos in related to the ¡®services¡¯ provided by ¡®FanPlus¡¯ such as the design of ¡®services¡¯ provided by ¡®FanPlus¡¯, the text generated by ¡®FanPlus¡¯, Scripts, Graphics, the transmission functions among the ¡®members¡¯ are to be vested with ¡®FanPlus¡¯ in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations or ¡®FanPlus¡¯ holds the ownership or license. With regard to the ¡®services¡¯, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ will provide the ¡®members¡¯ only the rights to use etc which allows them to use the ¡®services¡¯ etc in accordance with the conditions of utilization defined by ¡®FanPlus¡¯, and the ¡®members¡¯ are not allowed to do some behaviors that can terminate the rights to use such as transferring, selling, offering collateral etc.


Owing to these terms of use, the ¡®members¡¯ shall not own the ¡®services¡¯ or hold the copyright of the ¡®services¡¯, but be allowed to use the ¡®services¡¯ offered by ¡®FanPlus¡¯, of which ¡®services¡¯ are provided only for the forms of information acquirement or personal use that can be used by the ¡®members¡¯.


Except for the explicitly permitted content, the ¡®member¡¯ shall not use, copy or distribute, for the commercial purpose, the information on ¡®members¡¯ status obtained through the ¡®services¡¯ and also shall not be allowed to duplicate or distribute functions transmitting of text, scripts, graphics created by ¡®FanPlus¡¯ among members. With the exception of the case when the ¡®member¡¯ receives a clear permission from ¡®FanPlus¡¯ in written form, ¡®member¡¯ should not attempt production of sub-material, inverted files, and extraction of source codes etc related to the ¡®services¡¯ or the software which is included in the services.


¡®FanPlus¡¯ may gradually limit the use of ¡®services¡¯ by warning, temporary suspension, permanent stop etc, if the ¡®member¡¯ is in breach of the responsibility of these terms or interferes with the normal operation of ¡®services¡¯. However, if the ¡®member¡¯ violates the relevant laws and regulations such as the supply of illegal programs and operational interference, illegal communication and hacking, distribution of malware, excessive use of access rights etc, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ may immediately black out the use of the ¡®services¡¯ permanently. When the blackout of use is made, all the benefits obtained through the use of ¡®services¡¯ will be erased, and ¡®FanPlus¡¯ will not compensate for it separately. More details of the related limit conditions follow the blackout policy and individual ¡®services¡¯ operational policies.


If ¡®FanPlus¡¯ prevents the ¡®member¡¯ from using the ¡®services¡¯ or terminates the contract, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ will notify it in accordance with the notification method. In this case, ¡®member¡¯ may raise objections to the decision in accordance with the procedures set by ¡®FanPlus¡¯. If ¡®FanPlus¡¯ considers such an appeal justified, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ will resume the use of ¡®services¡¯ immediately.


13. Exceptions on the responsibilities for the 'service' operations

If ¡®FanPlus¡¯ is unable to provide the ¡®service¡¯ due to a natural disaster or an equivalent force majeure, the responsibility to provide the ¡®service¡¯ will be exempted, and the interruption of use of the ¡®service¡¯ attributed to the ¡®member¡¯ such as the interruption of use of ¡®service¡¯ due to the loss of accessible media such as terminal etc as well as the communication interference etc will not be accounted to ¡®FanPlus¡¯. In addition, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ is exempted from liability for the contents of information, material, truthfulness of facts, accuracy etc posted with regard to ¡®service¡¯ by ¡®member¡¯ as well as the transactions between ¡®members¡¯ or between ¡®member¡¯ and the third party using ¡®service¡¯ as the mediator. Other than these, with regard to the ¡®service¡¯ provided for free of charge, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ will not be responsible for it unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws. For the ¡®posts¡¯ of ¡®member¡¯, which are ¡®served¡¯, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ will not account for any infringement of rights occurring due to ¡®member¡¯s intentional or negligent failure in the implementation of guarantee or responsibility agreed by ¡®member¡¯ in these terms.


However, with regard to the activities to collect the personal information by the other services which are linked in the ¡®FanPlus¡¯ ¡®service¡¯, please be noted that these ¡®FanPlus¡¯ terms and privacy policy will not be applicable.


With regard to these terms, the litigation filed between ¡®FanPlus¡¯ and ¡®member¡¯ will be governed by the laws of Republic of Korea, and the disputed lawsuit will follow the procedures prescribed by the Code of Civil Procedure.


14. Dispute settlement

These Terms and Conditions or the Service shall be stipulated and executed under the laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea. In case of any disputes arising out of or related to use of the Service between the Parties concerned, the Company shall faithfully consult with the other Party hereto to resolve such issues. Unless the foregoing conflicts are settled, the Company may file a lawsuit to a competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.


15. Termination of Service

If ¡®FanPlus¡¯ prevents the ¡®member¡¯ from using the ¡®services¡¯ or terminates the contract, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ will notify it in accordance with the notification method. In this case, ¡®member¡¯ may raise objection to the decision in accordance with the procedures set by ¡®FanPlus¡¯. If ¡®FanPlus¡¯ considers such appeal justified, ¡®FanPlus¡¯ will resume the use of ¡®services¡¯ immediately.


In case that Company discontinues the Service, Company will notify in advance from the day when Company decides to discontinue.


User needs to redeem Point up before the day that Company discontinues the Service. The remaining Point after discontinuation of the Service perishes automatically.